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SHORT STORY Writing Contest
Enter the Fiction Festival Short Story writing contest.  Fiction, SciFi, and other genres accepted.

Fiction Festival Short Story Writing Contest
Rose are Red, Violets are Blue, If you're a poet, We want to hear from you! Enter your poem.
Fiction Festival Poetry Writing Contest
Did your short story grow a life of its own and turn into a novel?  Enter our novel writing contest.
Fiction Festival Novel Writing Contest
CHILDREN'S STORY Writing Contest Do you have the gift of telling stories to children? Enter your story with illustrations. 
Fiction Festival Childrens Works Writing Contest



Fiction Festival Writing Contest Guidelines

      The Fiction Festival Writing Contest is open to all writers, of all genres. Entries must be submitted in English.
      The Fiction Festival Writing Contest is not open to employees, sponsors, or family members of employees and sponsors.
      Applicants must submit a completed application/release form, one copy of their submission, and a reading fee of $25. Multiple submissions are accepted. Entry fees and submitted manuscripts will not be returned under any circumstances. Applicants may include an additional $5.85 for postage to receive a copy of the published anthology.
      Submissions will only be accepted by mail and must be an original work written by the contestant. Contestants must include a hard copy, printed version of their submission. A cover page with name, mailing address, phone number, email address, title of work, word count, and genre must accompany all submissions. This information should not appear on any other pages. The title, accompanied by page numbers, may appear in the header.
      Submissions should be in standard format text of at least 12 points, double spaced, with at least one inch margins on 8.5 x 11 inch or A4 paper. Manuscripts should be simply bound along the left edge. Winning Authors will be required to furnish the Publisher with an electronic version in Rich Text Format (.rtf) or document (.doc) format.
      Submissions must not be based, in part or in whole, upon any other work previously published or copyrighted. Contestants must not have entered into any option to sell submitted work prior to, or after, submission until such time as the deadline for submissions has passed, and all winners have been notified and winning submissions have been published.
Under no circumstances will corrections or revised drafts of entry manuscripts be accepted. Winners may be given an opportunity to make revisions prior to publication.
      Winning Authors will be provided with a publishing contract, to be signed by the Author and Publisher, wherein the terms of compensation and copyright will be spelled out.
      The selections and decisions of the judges and editors of the Fiction Festival are final. The Fiction Festival may change the provisions and timing of this contest without prior notification.

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Contest Void where prohibited.


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Fiction Festival Poetry Writing Contest